How and Where to Get Acquainted with a Russian Girl: Original Ways and Top Places

The initial stage of a relationship is the most difficult for men. Even if a guy knows how to get acquainted with a girl, there is no escape from fear and uncertainty. Starting a casual conversation is hindered by the thought that she has a young man, she will rudely refuse or make fun of you. No one can predict the course of events, so psychologists advise you to approach the girl you like, and then — come as it may.

Where to Get Acquainted with a Russian Girl

Psychologists have named five main places where the chances of a successful acquaintance increase several times. The night club isn’t included on the list because there is no one to look for a serious relationship.

  1. On the Internet

The World Wide Web is a godsend for introverts, modest or insecure guys. Here you don’t need to puzzle over how and where to get to know a Russian girl, stutter in the dialogue, come up with an original and witty answer in a split second, because there is enough time for communication. Numerous dating sites like and social networks will come to the aid of single young people. If the usual “Hello” seems banal, you can start a discussion in the comments under the photo.

  1. On the Beach

On vacation, people relax, take off their masks, and willingly communicate. To get acquainted, psychologists advise not just to lie on the hot sand, but to actively move. You should bring a volleyball, frisbee or toys for building sandcastles — creative guys attract girls. You can ask for a company in the game or “accidentally” lose the ball near the chosen one. A mini-refrigerator with cool drinks, which is appropriate to offer a new friend while continuing the conversation, won’t hurt.

  1. From the Car

This option is suitable if the lady is also driving. In a continuous stream, it is difficult to consider pretty road users, but in a traffic jam, you can get acquainted. Girls are willing to make contact with a knight who helped fix the breakdown. You shouldn’t drive past a puzzled lady standing in front of an open hood — perhaps, it is fate. The failed method is to drive next to a pedestrian girl, honk and shout something from the car.

  1. In a Restaurant or Cafe

You should pay attention to the mood of the girl and the company in which she is. If a young person came to eat, she is unlikely to want to get acquainted, because the lunch break is limited. A lady sitting at a tablet or laptop is working, so don’t distract her. You can approach the girl when she is slowly drinking tea, enjoying the dessert, and looking around. The best strategy will be a compliment written on a napkin or an improvised card. 

  1. In Public Areas

A concert hall, museum, exhibition, or library is perfect for finding your better half. You can ask for advice in choosing a book, discuss an art subject, or share your impressions.

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