What Men Are Afraid of Before the First Date

Excitement before a first date is not an uncommon feeling. Even those who have already been in a relationship and marriage suffer from this. And this is quite normal: there is nothing strange in the fact that people who confidently communicate with others, however, are afraid not to interest those whom they want to be potential partners.

Fear #1. What If She Is Not Like in Her Picture

If it’s your first date, it means you’ve had a few chats and hours to see all the “cracks” of her. It is especially scary before meeting with an Internet girlfriend. They say that social networks generate families, but we know that they don’t convey the voice, the details of appearance, and intelligence.

What to Do?

You can ask your best friend to call at the 15-20th minute of your date. A girl sees an incoming call, you answer, nod several times, and it turns out… you were urgently called to work. You apologize and quickly run away.

Fear #2. There Is Nothing to Talk About With Her

The girl is pretty and dressed fashionably. But there’s nothing to talk about with her. She didn’t watch the Vikings, she doesn’t know who Frida Kahlo is, and the last time she was in the museum was in seventh grade. And even all this isn’t such a disaster. The girl is easy to take to the museum and read her a couple of stories by Edgar Allan Poe. She claps her false eyelashes and doesn’t understand a single joke.

What to Do?

Are you shy about sharing your knowledge? Don’t be so! Spend a little time, be a teacher, and make something interesting out of a new person.

Fear # 3. What If She Doesn’t Like Me

Men also read books and know that women make decisions about them in 10 seconds. And the man himself will understand by the mood of the girl — whether there is a chance, whether it is worth duplicating an extra bouquet or something more original.

What to Do?

Pay attention to the mood of the lady. If she likes you — at the end of the date, she will thank you for the interesting time spent together. If the man couldn’t interest the girl — she will behave as indifferently as possible, immersed in the smartphone, constantly texting with friends.

Fear #4. She’s a Feminist

That is, she insists that she pays for herself. She doesn’t allow you to give her a raincoat or jacket. She also pushes the door herself. “No need for this humiliating politeness!” Such behavior in public places baffles a man and makes him feel awkward in front of other people.

What to Do?

Although it may not be a matter of rabid feminism, there are also sane feminists who are waiting for the door to be opened in front of them. Such an accentuated repelling behavior on a date can mean that she didn’t like the interlocutor at all and she makes it clear.

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